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Hotel Ricchi is a few kilometres away from numerous Theme Parks

Hotel Ricchi is a few kilometres away from numerous, and thoroughly enjoyable Theme Parks that Romagna is proud of, a constant attraction for adults and young alike.

There are many Parks for children that even manage to fascinate the not so young, giving them a chance to turn the clock back and rediscover fantasies and enjoyment that often our frenetic life makes us forget.

Fiabilandia is an amusement park for children at Miramare of Rimini, surrounding them in a fable-like atmosphere in amongst the quietness of the green countryside while being just a few steps from the sea.
Just a little way away you can find Italia in Miniatura (Miniature Italy), offering you the chance to learn history and geography while enjoying yourself at the same time - walking among more than 270 miniature monuments and works of art of Italian architecture where fascination and enjoyment will leave the young and not so young quite breathless.

And Romagna yet again, the home of the sun and sea, could not let the chance slip by to create the fantastic world of the unfathomed depths: Oltremare, plunging its visitors into the abysses, letting them discover the adventures and different species of fish that live in the underwater world. Acquafan is just a short walking distance away, water and enjoyment being its theme of course, a jubilation of games, amusements and splashes of water among the numerous pools inside the building.

At Savio, near Ravenna, the biggest amusement park (extension wise) in Italy has its home: Mirabilandia, with more than 750,000 square metres of games, surreal, fantastic and exotic settings all wrapped in an adventurous atmosphere. But that's not all because Romagna has a lot more to offer: there is Rimini's Delfinario not far from the beach, the Aviation Museum, Le Navi (the Ships), an amusement park set in nature and facing the beach, the Butterfly HouseBelafonte Minigolf and Oasi Edengolf.

With all the options for leisure and entertainment that the Romagnese Coast has to offer its visitors, you are just spoiled for choice where Hotel Ricchi emerges as an ideal location precisely because it is so close to so many Parks.