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A tiny oasis of tranquillity

Hotel Ricchi of Rimini is pleased to be able to offer you a tiny oasis of tranquillity where you can at last have the joy of spoiling yourself.

The warmth embraces you, dry or damp, in all its forms. Wood, stone and water, these are the elements that will help you enjoy a sensation of complete relax where even your thoughts take second place allowing you to feel all the wellbeing of your body.

Along the path of physical and mental wellbeing you will find the Finnish sauna and then the swimming pool and Jacuzzi in which to cool down and relax after the sauna.





Deep massage method, known for its relaxation and physical wellbeing, exploits the pressure of water kept at a certain temperature. Hot water, from approx. 33-38 øC, helps circulation and relaxes your muscles, cold water can increase blood pressure giving tone. The massaging pressure of water reduces swelling of the legs and cellulite. It is particularly suitable in the case of pathologies concerning the: locomotor and circulation systems and the skin.











There are many ways this can be enjoyed: the classical "Finnish sauna" in specially equipped environments, where the temperature is taken to about 60øC. After this first dry air "bath" (that can last 10 to 15 minutes) there is a "heated steam bath" which is created by throwing water on red hot stones (lasting 15 to 20 minutes). Saturating the environment with humidity encourages abundant sweating. In Northern countries this is normally followed by a swim in ice-cold water while in the others it is limited to just an ice-cold shower. The inside of sauna rooms and the benches for sitting on are clad in raw poplar or fir wood.






Fitted out with Technogym and high precision technical equipment, the walls are mirror-clad so you can better control your movements during the exercises

  • CARDIOFITNESS: Aerobics that can be set to eat up the calories or even timed or better still set at the difficulty level based on your training.
  • RUN: treadmill with cushion deck, user-friendly controls and heart rate monitor
  • BIKE: bike that transmits a sensation of pedalling along the road. It creates a pedalling effect in different situations, going from pedalling uphill to a pleasant ride around town.
  • FORZA UNICA: on this multifunctional machine you can do more than 25 exercises to build up your strength combining performance and reliability during the exercise so you can work different parts of the body (chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs...)
  • CRUNCH BENCH: multipurpose bench for specifically working free ab exercises, adjustable
  • BENCH WITH BARBELLS AND DUMBELLS: for a body that's always in great shape with different weights; the backrest can be slanted for different workouts
  • WELLNESS PAD: mat for stretching and floor exercises; it will help you day after day to train your flexibility and perform basic free strength exercises. Stretching reduces muscular tension, acting positively on your freedom of movement, the prevention of accidents, improving sports performance and posture



To book. Expert, professional massagers collaborate with us to better meet your massaging requirements from sport-related to holistic or oriental.